Nofx - I Melvin tab
band: nofx  (just eric m.)
song: I, Melvin

Intro: am

c                            am
Mascara Hides   the sleeples nights

c                             am
years of abuse  the downs and highs

c                          F
a lonely drunk staggers on stage

c                               G
weathered and worn battered and broken

i feel my age

                 c                             am 
like a puppet on strings look he strums and he sings

               c                       am  
i feel like a cartoon i'm alone on the stage

                   am                       c
i'm the man on the moon i'm the deer in the headlights
                    am               F 
i'm the fish in the brawl i'm on automatic pilot

i am remote controlled

         c                         am
the 2nd guitarist playing on the 3rd  sting 
        c                        am
i'm the disclaimer i'm a walking routine

              c                       F
i'm happily a cog stand me up pulg me in 

         c                               G
like a robot i play all the songs with a grin 

i'm eric melvin

could be right....
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