Nokturnl – No Respect tab

No Respect


Tabbed By Aaron Bridgeman (

** = Harmonic
h  = hammer-on
p  = pull-off

MAIN RIFF ** (sounds best clean with a little reverb)e|-----------12------------|B|-----------12------------|G|-----------------4h5p4---|D|-----5--2--------------5-|A|-3-----------------------|E|-------------------------|Play this riff for ages
LEAD (sounds best clean with reverb)e|---------------------------------------------------|B|-8--8--8--8---7-7--5-5---8--8--8--8--10-10--12-12--|G|---------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
LYRICS!!! I don't have no respect for you, You can't expect me to, Agree with you coz your veiws ain't true, And I've been havin' a hard time wadin' through your pooh, I throw the shit back and it sticks to you like glue, I spend my time thinkin' and I got to say I wonder, How do you mob think you can pull me under? No patience for fools and no time to lose and of course, I got no respect for you, I stand for something I believe so I stand correct, How can I take you seriously if you don't respect, Livin' to do this - havin' to prove this, Never back down keep my feet on the ground. It's not a game to me - I don't live famously, Get the job done take my soul out painlessly. You tried in vain I see - don't try to change - a - me, Now get the feeling that you make the effort aimlessly. Reconciliation doesn't mean "respectoration", Gotta earn a brown band - man respect of the land, (yeah). Though I got sick of waiting for a minor restoration- And politically correct debate is more than I can stand!!!!!
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