Nomy – 30k Children chords

Left handed
Enjoy ;)

Intro: Em
Verse: Em, G, C, Am
Chorus: Em, G, C, Am

You're laying on the ground
with no help without a sign

You're trying to reach for me
but this world just disagree

Why do I read about the shit they put in front of me
Why dont they write about the cildrens life of misery

They are laying in front of us
And this is their daily loss

But we dont really care 
no we dont really see
what happens over there
I can only feel what's hurting me

And even when we say we really want to care
But How can we save lifes when we dont pay

You're quite you're in the dirt
you're one with this dessert
you're feeding of this air
the world knows but we're unaware

Why do we live like this when everyone is screaming
and we never do a thing
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