Noori – Neend Aye Na tab

Neend Aye Na is simple song and easy to play.

Riff 1: INTROe----------------------------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------------------------|g----------------------------------------------------------|d---55-------8-7--77--------10-8---------------------------|a-------8-66----------10-88--------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------|The above riff goes on playing while the second guitarist plays the following song carefully for precise and accurate co-ordination.
Riff 2:e------3-----------3------3----------------------------------|b--------3-1h3-11-----------3-1h3-11-------------------------|g----------------------------------------0h2-----------------|d----2-------------------2-----------------------------------|a---0-------------------0------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Am* F* C* yeh dil ab manay na, in rahon ko jaane na * shows power chords Am* F* C* bhooli hooye in baaton main jeevan ko pehchaane na Am F C G jaage hain mere dil main kaye armaan bhoole na paayen Am F C khushion ke rangon main ghum bhi hain meri jaan G bhoolain kahan Am F C G yara neend aye na ke dil kahin toot jaye na Am F C G yara ab neend aye na ke hum kahin bhool jayen na Am F C G F Am sun le sada ay khuda mera dil ab tanha roye na Now I think it is more than enough.Most expected you guys have better idea about this song.So write to me at ALLAH NIGEHBAAN
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