Noori - Mujhay Roko Acoustic tab

its really easy......i got it from some forum. u just keep using the following
chords.....i dont kno the names but check out the strumming pattern through the

|--3------3------3------3-----------------| |--3------3------3------3-----------------| |--0------0------0------2-----------------| |--0------2------2------0-----------------| |--2------3------2------0-----------------| |--3------X------0------X-----------------| G G1 G2 G3 <------- i dont kno the real names
(strumming starts from the middle of the song) G ke main hoon jawan G1 O maray dil main hai aag G2 Ab koi nahin saath G3 Hai kali yeh raat G Mere sar peh junoon G1 meree ankhon main khoon G2 mujhay aayee naa sakoon G3 G par main naa rukoon ga ends with G. (NOTE: the guitar tuning in that song is two frets up-higher)
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