Norah Jones - I Wouldnt Need You chords

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                 Norah Jones - I Wouldn't Need You
                    (album: The Fall, 2009)

Intro: C, Am

C AmIf I touched myself
C Amthe way you touched me
C AmIf I could hold myself
C Amthe way you held me
F DmThen I wouldn't need you
F DmI wouldn't need you
F DmNo, I wouldn't need you
C Amto love me
If I could replace the things you gave me If I could see my face without the tragedy Then I wouldn't need you I wouldn't need you No, I wouldn't need you to love me
GBut I do
Gsus4-GSo come back
C AmCome back
Solo: C, Am... F, Dm... If you could see the way I act When I'm alone If you could hear my voice crack over the phone Then you'd know I need you You'd I need you Oh, you'd know I need you to love me Used chords:
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