Norah Jones – December chords

Well, I'm pretty sure these are the accurate chords, though the A7 part is quite 
tricky, but it sounds okay. 
The guitarist plays the chords with the notes changing in the bass, like this: 
E/E, E/B; B/B, B/F#; etc; it's not that hard to figure it out.

E BDecember, come to me
BI hope I can see
B EYou're not just in dreams
E7 AI will let you be
A7 EWhy can't you believe
B EHow much you really mean?
E BDecember, won't you come
B BBack with snow, even sun?
B EDon't say that it's done
E7 AI will carry you home
A7 E BTake you from the loneliest place
EYou have known
E7 AI will carry you home
A7 E BTake me from the loneliest place
EI have known
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