Norah Jones – Young Blood chords ver. 2

Left handed
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All are barre chords except for the standard E chord.
All are Major chords except for D minor and A minor.

Intro: 2x CMajor E FMajor

CMajorI'll pretend my heart's not on fire
GMajorIf you steal my true love's name
E FMajorBroke down subway in this city of spires
Tape your picture over his in the frame
CMajorWe'll imagine we're sleeping revolvers
GMajor EShotgun wedding in a strange SoHo
FMajorOur chambers hold silvery collars
Gun down werewolves wherever we go
GMajor FMajorWe gun down werewolves wherever we go
CMajorMidnight phone calls in the back of a Mustang
GMajor ECreased white pages torn right from the spine
FMajorKissed my neck with a crooked, cracked fang
You always hoped one day you'd be mine
CMajorThrew our fathers on funeral pyres
GMajorI'm not sure that we were playing a game
E FMajorBusted gasket in a field full of liars
GMajorNo one noticed we set five boroughs aflame
No one noticed we set five boroughs aflame FMajor GMajor FMajor GMajor
FMajorYoung blood
GMajorYoung bone
FMajorOld ghosts
GMajorGo home
CMajorBand of gold with a diamond implied
GMajorYou wrote letters that you never sent
E FMajorI made promises I'll always deny
Now we'll never know what the other meant
CMajor GMajorWatch is ticking like a heartbeat gone berserk
Lost the chance to wind the key
E FMajorRoosters are nothing but clucking clockwork
GMajorOur fears are only what we tell them to be
FMajorOur fears are only what we tell them to be
DminorDrown the last of our matches
AminorBurn the rest of each other
CMajorYou were strongest when I ached for breath
GMajorThrough the thick of smoke we'll finally smother
FMajor GMajor FMajor GMajor
FMajor \Young blood \
GMajor \Young bone repeat 6x
FMajor /Old ghosts /
GMajor /Go home /
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