Norah Jones - Carnival Town tab

Norah Jones - Carnival Town

Thanks very much to Elad Matari. this is all his hard work


intro: F , F6 , Fmaj7 , F6 F Round 'n' round F6 carousel Fmaj7 E7 has got you under it's spell Am Bbmaj7/9 moving so fast ... but F F9 F going nowhere Up 'n' down ferris wheel tell me how does it feel to be so high ... F looking down here Bbm- Bbm6 Is it lo nely ? F C6 lo nely Bbm- Bbm6 F lo nely Instrumental: (Just like the verse) Did the clown make you smile he was only your fool for a while now he's gone back home and left you wandering there Instrumental: (Just like the verse) Is it lonely ? lonely lonely outro: F , F6 , Fmaj7 , F6 , F Elad Matari
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