Norah Jones – Wake Me Up chords

The previous chords for this song were wonderful and spot on, but I've transposed 
it for much easier and common chords. If you use the capo, you should be able to 
strum along perfectly in tune with the song.

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2
Chords used: A, D, G, E

A DWake me up when it's over,
A DWake me up when it's done,
A DWhen he's gone away and taken everything,
A DWake me up.
A DWake me up when the skies are clearing,
A DWhen the water is still,
A D'cause I will not watch the ships sail away so,
A DPlease say you will.
G D EIf it were any other day,
G D A DThis wouldn't get the best of me.
A DBut today I'm not so strong,
A DSo lay me down with a sad song,
A DAnd when it stops then you know I've been
A DGone too long.
A DBut don't shake me awake,
A DDon't bend me or I will break,
A DCome find me somewhere between my dreams,
A DWith the sun on my face.
G D EI will still feel it later on,
G D A DBut for now I'd rather be asleep.
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