Northern Pikes - Hopes Go Astray chords

Song: Hopes Go Astray
Artist: Northern Pikes
Tabbed by: Luke Maclane

Intro:  G

Em Am C GJust write a letter and mail it to yourself
Em Am C DRead it out loud but to no one else
Em Am C GPick your pocket, a measure of time
Em Am C DNever leave those memories behind
G DAnd you'll sing till tomorrow
Em Cand the days that will follow
G Dbut it's never the same
Am Cwhen you feel you're insane
(G D Em C)On the bed where you lay, there's a plan that was made
(G D Am C) Gbut it's never the same when your hopes go astray
(Em Am C G) Just write a memo and hang it on your wall
(Em Am C D) Small reminder of why we're here at all
(Em Am C G) So look around and groove to the sound
(Em Am C D) Let's see those feet rise up from the ground
Bm C D G Now the princess washes dishes
Em Am C D she's done more harm than any good
(Bm C D G) I am the witness of hugs and kisses
(Em Am C D) loneliness is never understood
(G D Em C)la la la la la.....
(Em Am C G)So paint a picture of things that are real
(Em Am C D)Remember shame when it's time to kneel
(Em Am C G)and don't forget the things that you say
(Em Am C D)could all come back to you some other day
(CHORUS) x 2
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