Northstar - Pornagraphers Daughter tab

there is no tab that even comes close to the way that the song is really played so
being that guitar master that i am,,i decided to share my can figure
out the timing..


   c#                a
i cant leave with words like these

  e                        a
break the bones that hold up my sleeves,

       c#           a      e                 a
gotta tie her so high her breath freezes before she speaks,

         c#                  a             e                   a
but this bus just wont go far enough,so i  strap my face to a homeade

        c#                 a                    e                 a  
bomb,and blow the bus stop thru the parking lot and celebrate like we were


then there this little interlude....that is also the lead part!!!

c# a e and i know a place where we can both get laced take some time to learn a c# a e about your face about bawling and bell curves about strenght from a c# a e inhalers,and ill take the fifth and you can just sit and ill watch from a c# a e the distance while you open it this is how i will keep her in pieces shes a a keeper,,,,, interlude again... c# and ill be b holding c# my breath b with the best c# my breath b a with the best intentions,,,,, chorus... e Asus4 c# a b this is not for me,your perfume struggles perfectly and wraps around e Asus4 c# a b it,screams at me my hero taste like plastic hes elastic and now hes dead not sure about the part that follows the chorus,,,, break.. f# a c# b and ill be the reason youll leave this city f# a c# b and ill be the reason youll leave this city now we have the correct tab for all to share,,,,any questions or comments,,,let me know my AIM is crewchick115 (its actually my girlfriends)my name is mike,thx
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