Not Half Bad - A Song For Orwell chords

                            A SONG FOR ORWELL

Ok, guys, another great folk punk song carrying a great message, 
and it is also easy to play!
So, here we go: the main chord progression is G E A C 
all to be played as power chords.

-During the chorus the strumming pattern used should be something like
d d   u d u d u u u d  For every chord (u= strum up - d=strum down)

-For the verse, you can play it the way you like it and it will sound good,
as long as you have an acoustic guitar and you play it loud and hard.
But if you want to match the original strumming pattern you'll have to use a 
lot of muting with your left hand:
just keep your hand on the strings without pushing, so that no sound comes
out and the strumming will result in an aggressive percussive sound.
If you play it this way, for chord changes you should strum
the chord you were playing once and then change to the the next one with a little 
muting in between: 
G *muted strumming* G - E *muted strumming* E - A *muted strumming* A - Cand so on.
All this sounds more complicated than it actually is - it is a simple song - so here we go:
intro: G E A C x2(the second time drums go in)
GUnder The Spreading Chestnut Tree,
EI sold you and you sold me,
AThere lie they and here lie we,
CUnder The Spreading Chestnut Tree.
GI look at the administration
Ethey do everything they can
ATo make sure that things go their way
Cit always seems to get to me
GListen to what I've said
Eat this rate soon we'll all be dead
AIf things continue on this way
CWe'll soon be facing judgement day.
GThey will start wars at their will,
ETrain the youth to KILL KILL KILL
Abrainwash the impressionable
CAll who question's fate is sealed
GBig brother is watching you,
EIs there nothing we can do?
ABe conscious and end their reign,
CWe no longer play your game.
-Chorus -little spoken part, in wich you can play the same chords anyway you want
GThey think all of us are blind,
EAny battlefield they'll find
A COf the earth or on the ground or in the sea or in your mind
G *PM* and as your good friend Orwell said
E *PM*"don't let yourself their lies be fed,"
A *PM*be well versed and be well learned
C *slowly release PM*and you will never be mislead.
-Chorus x2 -Chorus two last times only with vocals
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