Now Its Overhead - A Little Consolation chords

Now It's Overhead
A Little Consolation

For the verses I like to strum the open chords.
For the chorus and little breakdown I play a combo of power
and bar chords. The solo is pretty easy, but I didn't feel
like tabbing the whole thing. The first note is 14th fret
of G string and the highest note is 19th of high E.
Anyways, this is a great band and song, so I thought 
someone should post it.
- Derek Thompson

Dsus2 Em GAre you staying or going?
We're leaving the driveway We'll call if it's close Now don't you worry [Chorus]
A G Dsus2/F#Follow the light over
A GLeave us behind
Dsus2 Em GHello, she will be here
Not too many more days Speak up in a hurry So there won't be pain [Chorus 2x] D C G
D CPut my face in a shoulder
GRed eyes have swollen
DThe pipes of the organ
CA little consolation
GA little consolation
Dsus2 Em GSending the night away
Sending the night away Sending the night away
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