Now Now – Dead Oaks tab ver. 2

SONG: Dead Oaks
BAND: Now, Now (Every Children)
TABBED BY: Chelsea May Perez /

~ Many people requested me to post the tabs, so here they are.
~ I'm sure you can figure out the strumming patterns just by listening to the song.
~ I learned the song by ear, although I am aware the tabs are not quite right. 
However, this is my version and it sounds pretty all right to me. People on 
YouTube seem to think so. :p 
~ I covered this song. It's posted on YouTube right here:

Happy playing! :D
E-mail me if you have any questions or need clarification.


|--------------------------||-xxxxx--x--xxxxxx--xx--xx-||-66666--9--666666--77--66-||-77777--7--777777--77--77-| (2x)|-00000--0--000000--00--00-||-00000--0--000000--00--00-|
1~I can't feel... see them. And2~I can take a... I can drive for hours to your3~wanted me to.|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-6----------------6--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-0----------------5--------------||-0----------------0--------------|
1~I can't call... a reason.2~house in the... I could stay for longer if you|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-x----------------x--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-9----------------7--------------|
1~I've been up and I don't sleep2~I've been up and I don't sleep3~I've been up and I don't sleep|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-6----------------6--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-0----------------5--------------||-0----------------0--------------| (*)
1~enough and I... talk as much, but I can hear you still. \\\ On “still,” 2~enough and I... talk as much, but I can hear you still. /// go back to (*)3~enough and I... talk as much, but I can hear your|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-x----------------x--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-9----------------7--------------|
1~voice on the phone when you're2~room because... up|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-6----------------6--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-0----------------5--------------||-0----------------0--------------|
1~up all alone in your2~too. ...|---------------------------------||-x----------------x--------------||-x----------------x--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-7----------------7--------------||-9----------------7--------------|
|--------------------------||-xxxxx--x--xxxxxx--xx--xx-||-66666--9--666666--77--66-||-77777--7--777777--77--77-| (2x)|-00000--0--000000--00--00-||-00000--0--000000--00--00-|
LYRICS: I can't feel your bones, but I can see them. And I can't call you up without a reason. I can take you a thousand miles, and I can drive for hours to your house in the summer. But I could stay for longer if you wanted me to. I've been up and I don't sleep enough. And I know we don't talk as much, but I can hear you still. I can hear your voice on the phone when you're up all alone in your room because I am up too.
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