Nq Arbuckle – Young Lovers Strong Swimmers chords

Young Lovers, Strong Swimmers
NQ Arbuckle 

G  C  G  C

G C G C GWell Val and Johnny out in break neck wood
C F C She’s on his nerves and the car’s not running good
G C G CAnd the last stations gone on the radio
G C F Cand it’s late and dark and cold and it’s turned to snow
F Cand the cigarette lighter warms his face as he
G C G C G rolls down his window to help keep himself awake
well back on Laurier well she danced for him in a beat up apartment to kris kristopherson with a newspaper hat and a t shirt to fight the cold till it taken her to get beer well she’d run across the road and its one for our friends and too soon to quiet down and she kicks off her old shoes and turns the stereo real loud slide break Well she moved in with him after her room mates were out and she had two bags of clothes and a plant and a leather couch and they painted the walls and moved the furniture around to make a fresh start and he cooked her dinner and she bought him beer in the local bar and she told long stories and he kicked her ass in pool and she was working a store job and he was going back to school well they first met on a back porch in a hurricane at a house warming party somebody had on St Urbain and it’s late and too cold for her to walk alone he was way too drunk for a cab so he drove her home and her head rattled against the window in time to Blue Wing and he let her off at home and said, “Hey, I’d really love to see you again.” piano break now they’re out on the highway and they’re running out of gas and the windows are frozen and the windshield wipers fly up and it’s four in the morning and they both got frozen feet and he drinks his ninth cup of coffee and falls asleep and she screams the tires skid and he reach’s his arms out to protect her as they break through the wall of the bridge and disappear into the river piano break
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