Nu - I Am Like You tab

I am like you
Band: NU

Album: Alphabravoshockpopdisco!

Written by: NU
Produced by: Adventure records

Tabbed by: Rozzer

Standard tuning

(The strumming pattern and timing 
 of the verse is irregular, 
 you need to listen to the cd)

e|------------| B|------------| G|-------7--5-| D|-7--5--7--5-|A|-7--5--5--3-|E|-5--3-------|
e|----------| B|----------| G|-------7--| D|-7--5--7--|A|-7--5--5--|E|-5--3-----|
(repeat as required)
CHORUSe|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-2--25--57--79-9-| D|-2--25--57--79-9-|A|-0--03--35--57-7-|E|-----------------| (6)
End on...e|---| B|---| G|-2-| D|-2-|A|-0-|E|---|
VERSE (see previous) CHORUS (see previous) (Keep playing to end of the song!)
LEAD PART (2:00)e|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|--2-5-2-------------2-5-7--------------|A|--------5-3-7-5-757-------5-3-7-5-757--|E|---------------------------------------|
(Repeat as necessary)
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