Nuclear Rabbit – I Sold My Copilot tab

Nuclear Rabbit
"I Sold My Co-Pilot"
More Human
tabbed by Daaaaaaavid

Well, it makes sense there are no
Nuclear Rabbit tabs here..a lot of
the songs are really hard to pick
out by here ya go.


(distortion)e|-------|B|-------|G|-------|D|-5-8-4-| (8x)A|-5-8-4-|E|-3-6-2-|
Verse 1: it's kind of hard to hear, so here's my best guess..
(clean)e|-7-7-9-5-5-8-3-6-2-|B|-7-7-9-5-5-8-3-6-2-|G|-7-7-9-5-5-8-3-6-2-| (4x)D|-------------------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Chorus 1:
(distortion)e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----5-5-------4-|D|-6-5-5-5-4-4-3-4-| (2x)A|-6-5-3-3-4-4-3-2-|E|-4-3-----2-2-1---|
then play the intro part 2 times Verse 2: also hard to hear, but here's my best guess
(distortion)e|---- ---- -------|B|---- ---- -------|G|---- ---- -------| (4x)D|-9-11-7-10-5-8-4-|A|-9-11-7-10-5-8-4-|E|-7-9 -5-8 -3-6-2-|
Chorus 2:
e|---------------|B|---------------|G|-4-----5-5-----|D|-4-3-4-5-5-5-6-| (2x)A|-2-3-4-3-3-5-6-|E|---1-2-----3-4-|
I(clean)e|------------------------------- |_____B|-7---7---7---7---7-8----------- | \G|---7---7---7---7-----8-| -- |D|-----------------------| -- |A|-----------------------| -- |E|-----------------------| -- |
|--play 5 timese|-------------------------| -- |B|-7---7---7---7---7-8---8-| -- |G|---7---7---7---7-----8---| -- |D|-------------------------| -- |A|------------------------------- |___/E|------------------------------- |
This next part was especially hard to figure out, so here's another guess..
II(distortion)e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|-----------5---------|D|-4-7-6-5-4-5-4-7-6-3-| (4x)A|-4-7-6-5-4-3-4-7-6-3-|E|-2-5-4-3-2---2-5-4-1-|
then play the Chorus 1 part once and then the Chorus 2 part once ..then there's a short bass break and then into another verse.. play the verse 1 part 4 times then play the II part of the Interlude 4 times and end on this chord:
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