Nukeateen - Greebo tab

Tabbed by:Grunge Forever

Artist: Nukeateen
Song:   Greebo
Album:  Reginald's Revenge

This is Greebo from the band Nukeateen, featuring an awesome bass line and very angsty 
The guitar riff is fairly simple. This is the guitar tab, I'll do the bass seperatly! 

(/) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend (r) Release (v) Vibrato

Intro (play 4 times)

Build Up
Chorus (x3)
Chorus last bar
D A D A I'm sitting here and I'm waiting to see you, D A D A I'm sitting here and I'm waiting to meet you, D A D A I'm sitting here and I'm waiting to see you Build Up F G now... Pre-chorus D A I can't seem to, D A They can't mean to, D A D A Make me feel so fucking awful Chorus F G D A Why I help them I don't know, F G D A I should really let them know, F G D A I don't like them, they like me, F G D C A I should really let them see Post-chorus D A I'm a Meenie, D A I'm a Greenie, D A I'm a Weirdo, D A I'm a Greebo
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