Nuno Bettencourt – Two Weeks In Dizkneelande tab

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Subject: b/bettencourt_nuno/two_weeks_in_dizkneelande.crd

___  __ _   _  ___  __  ___
|   \| || | | ||   \| | / _ \
| |\   || | | || |\   || | | |
| | \  || \_/ || | \  || |_| |
|_|  \_|\_____/|_|  \_| \___/   is Neat-0 ?

		2 WEEKS IN DIZKNEELANDE from Schizophonic

This is how I decided it best to play NUNO's 2 WEEKS IN
DIZKNEELANDE in the five minutes I took to try and figure it out.
I have looked for six months for *.tab to ANY NUNO songs from
Schizophonic.  I even got some Extreme stuff off OLGA.  I would
appreciate anyone with any NUNO stuff E-Mailing me at  I'm not going to B.S. about doing this
"from memory with no music or guitar at hand," I never knew it
in the first place, I have the album and a guitar.  If I screw
up, I just suck, and that's it.  Not my fault.

The included lyrics were simply cut & pasted from a page called
Kramer's Korner, the best NUNO site that I have run across, so if
there's amistake, Not my fault.

This my first *.tab, so due to my insufficient experienge in this
gnere, It just may suck!  Not my fault.

**NOTE** Slide around with the powerchords and listen to the
album.  Don't have it?? Not my fault.

	\ = slide

*Three Times
____________________________Then / Don't Slide between \E----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------|D--9---9-9-9-9-9-\-5---5-5-5-5-5---8---8---4---4---7---7---3---3-|A--9---9-9-9-9-9-\-5---5-5-5-5-5---8---8---4---4---7---7---3---3-|E--7---7-7-7-7-7-\-3---3-3-3-3-3---6---6---2---2---5---5---1---1-|
I do NOT know the solo, sorry. ??? Lyrics From Kramer's Korner YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND YOU'RE JUST A STRANGER FILLIN' IN CONVINCE MY FAMILY GOOD KID I AM YOU'LL TAKE ME DOWN TO DIZKNEELANDE HELP ME WHY AREN'T WE FLYIN' YOU'D RATHER DRIVE HOTELS ARE FUN ALONG THE WAY YOU SCRUB ME WET YOU DRY ME CLEAN WE'RE OFF TO SPEND THE DAY WITH MICKEY HELP ME COME BACK FOR DINNER ICE CREAM DESSERT SIT ON YOUR LAP AND WATCH THE TUBE NIGHTTIMES FOR GROWNUPS BATHE ME TO BED YOU SCRUB ME, RUB ME, RUB ME TUCK ME IN AND WE PRETEND HELP ME As far as "comments" go, I know this is wrong, so shut up if you can't do any better. Seeing as how I have been looking for the "real" *.tab of this or any other NUNO creation, If anyone has any corrections or replacements for this "temporary" *.tab, post them and/or E-Mail me at Thanks, Scott "BOB" Geppert
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