Nyctinasty – Spin chords

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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D      xx0232
A      x02220
Bm     x24432
G      320033
A/C#   x476xx
F#m    244222

Intro: D  Bm D   x2, D  Bm A D  A G(hold)

Verse 1:
Bm D G First we'll plan on altering runways
do it now never split the line
Bm D It's you I hold on to the
Gwheel to get me through
A Gnot aground and about to spin away
F#m G A GWill you be there when
Bm A G AI get lost in nowhere?
D Rev up our engine
Bmincrease adrenaline rush
Gclose your dying eyes to
A A/C# Dsee how beautiful sinister
kill the kiss up
Bmburning self righteousness
Gignite the pulse breaker
Alet our lips touch
A/C#across the lane!
Post Chorus: D Bm A D A G(hold) Verse 2:
Bm D Turn table revolves
G to a very long song
in every road
Bm D we call our home
Gwe know it can't be
wrong to take off
A G F#m G A Gand spin away And I'll be there
Bm A G A/C#when you get lost in nowhere!
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: D A D A G Bm A x4 Bridge:
D A/C# As we race for it
Bm F#m G I want it to feel right
A A/C# As we reach the end
Bm F#m G we'll be running infinite!
Outro: D A/C# Bm F#m G D(hold)
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