Olden Days chords with lyrics by Neil Young - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Neil Young – Olden Days chords

D  G  D  G

[Verse 1]
DWhere have you been, my long-lost friend?
GWe haven't talked since way back when
DAnd how is life with your new love
GI hope she's something from above
A Bm Something happened yesterday
D Dmaj7 GI need to talk to you
A Bm Now I'm finding out you moved away
D Dmaj7 GI'm reaching out to you today
[Verse 2]
DI saw you walking in the past
GYou said your love would always last
DThen I saw you all alone
GSaid your heart had turned to stone
A Bm Nothing matters anyway
D Dmaj7 GI thought I heard her say to you
A Bm Nothing matters anyway
D Dmaj7 GThen she walked away from you
[Instrumental] D G D G [Bridge]
C AmThere was laughter in the air
D7 Fmaj7The children all were there
C EmPlaying in the warming sun
F D7 GCounting dreamers, one-by-one
[Instrumental] D G D G [Verse 4]
DI'm living in the olden days
GI found my friends along the way
DSome are here with me right now
GSome have disappeared somehow
A Bm Where did all the people go?
D Dmaj7 GWhy did they fade away from me?
A Bm They meant so much to me and now I know
D Dmaj7 GThat they're here to stay in my heart
[Outro] D G D G D
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