Nerina Pallot – Daphne And Apollo chords


A A6 Amaj7 A6
Dmaj7 D A


A A6 Amaj7 A6Venus loved Daphne and so did Apollo
A A6 Amaj7 A6So why can't I make myself like a tree?
D D6 Dmaj7 D6Why must I burn daily and nightly
A A6 Amaj7 A6When nobody's running, well not after me
E AMust I wait? Must I pray?
E ASomething good to come my way?
A A6 Amaj7 A6Oh Daphne was stupid, oh how could she do it?
A A6 Amaj7 A6How could she turn her prince from her door?
D D6 Dmaj7 D6'Cause if you came calling, boy I'd let you in
A A6 Amaj7 A6But you don't come calling, no not anymore
E ASo I wait, and I grow old
E E7 AWhen I'm dead, then you'll know
A A6 Amaj7 A6Do you know?
AYou know
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