Impossible chords with lyrics by Nerina Pallot - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Nerina Pallot – Impossible chords


D D7 G D
Dm Dm7 Dm


A/D GBrighter still
A/D GYou're burning brighter still
A/D GYou think you'll never die
A/D GBut one day you will
F G DmStill from now times on the side
A/D GAll things pass
A/D GBeauty must decay
A/D GHearts and wars
A/D GAll are fought in vain
F G DmHe might hold your hands until you're tired
F G EmWhen they ask you you'll say
AYou're stopping time
Em7 GBut it's impossible, impossible
D AAs bright as the flames must die
Em7 GOh it's impossible, impossible
D ANo reason or answer why
Em7Oh it flickers and fades
GAnd the light doesn't shade it
D AEverything must change, oh
Em7Some things last forever
G DSome things slip away
A/D GStreets and towns
A/D GStreets and towns and seas
A/D GAll the things you know
A/D GThese have never been
F G DmSo that's the sadness in the everything
F G EmThere'll be one when all the rest
AFall away
Em7 GAnd it's impossible, impossible
D ASome things cannot be done
Em7 GOh it's impossible, impossible
D ASometimes you have to run
Em7You twist and you turn
GAnd you live and you learn and
D AEver another day
Em7Some things last forever
G DSome things slip away, slip away
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