Norah Jones – Uh Oh chords

F Bb

[Verse 1]

Fm BbIf I say it to your
Fm Bbface, uh oh
Will you step out of the
Fm Bbway? Don't go
[Chorus] What would happen if I
Gb Ablook out the window? Is
Bbm Clife slipping in and out of
Fm Bbmplace? Uh oh
CPlease just tell me what to
Fm Bbmsay, uh oh
FmDo you still think I'm o-
Bbkay? (Oh no)
[Chorus] What's the point
Bbm Gbof only looking for
Ab Bbmproblems when solving them
Cm Dbsends me into space?
Eb Fmoh, uh oh) I'll
Gb Abjump out the window and
Bbm Cmfloat up to find myself
Fm Bbmdisgraced Uh oh
(Uh oh, uh oh)
Ab GmOh no, oh no
Fm BbmUh no, oh no
Ab EbOh no, oh no
Fm BbmUh oh, uh oh
FmUh oh, uh oh
Bbm FmUh oh, uh oh
Uh oh If I breathe I will
Bbm Abmisplace my fear
G FI won't walk away in
Fm Bbmanger dear
Cm Bbm Or in time I will
Gm Abforget and I stumble
Bbm Cmtoward you with hands around your
Db Ebneck, You hear, you
GbI look out the
Ab Bbmwindow and life, will have
Cm Dbshifted out of place. Oh
Eb Fmdear, oh dear. I'll just
Gb Ablook out the window. My
Bbm Cmlife's slipping in and out of
Fm Bbmplace. Oh no, oh
Ab Gmno. Oh no, oh
Fm Bb7no. Oh no, oh
Fm Gmno. Oh no, oh
BbmOh no, oh
Ab Gm Fno. Oh no, oh
Fm Bb7no. Oh no, oh
Ab Ebno. Oh no, oh
BbOh no, oh
Db Cno. Oh no, oh
Fm Bbno. Oh no, oh
Abno. Oh no, oh
Dbmaj7 Bbuh oh, uh oh
Db Fmuh oh, uh oh
Bbmuh oh, uh oh
Fuh oh, uh oh
Fm Bbuh oh, uh oh
Ab Fmuh oh, uh oh
Bbuh oh, uh oh
Abuh oh, uh oh
Fm Bbuh oh, uh oh
Ab Gmuh oh, uh oh
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