Novo Amor – I Make Sparks chords

|Fmaj7 |      |      |C/G   |
|Fmaj7 |      |      |C/G   |
|Fmaj7 |      |

[Verse 1]
C/G Fmaj7I make sparks
C/G Fmaj7In awesome ways
C/G Fmaj7The dripping tap
C/G Fmaj7Consuming my head
C/G Am Fmaj7Yeah, you took off
C/G Am Fmaj7With little conflict in your way
C/G Am Fmaj7And I'm not good at winning fights anymore
C/G Fmaj7I'm just a needle in the hay
[Verse 2]
C/G Fmaj7I emptied out
C/G Fmaj7The contents of my case and stayed a while
C/G Fmaj7The heavy load I bore I wait a while
C/G Fmaj7And bare the swelling of my curse
C/G Am Fmaj7But I gave ground
C/G Am Fmaj7A bit of shove so you would see
C/G Am Fmaj7I won't be biting at my tongue anymore
C/G Am Fmaj7I could be catching up on sleep
Am [Verse 3]
C/G Fmaj7I made a beeline up to the gate
Met with your eyes and it was appalling
C/G AmWe took a rest sitting on our feet
These are the memories I keep
C/G Fmaj7We made the law but it shook the ground
Keeping it working was everything
C/G AmThat would keep it from all going down
C/G Fmaj7And you're set up
C/G AmAnd I lie down
C/G Fmaj7And you're set up
C/G Am C/GAnd I lie down
|Fmaj7 | | |C/G Am| |Fmaj7 | | |C/G Am| |Fmaj7 | | |C/G Am| |Fmaj7
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