10 Years – So Long Goodbye chords

Verse 1:

Am C G Am C GKeep changing your mind, like clouds in the sky. Love me when your high leave
Am C G Am G Am me when you cry. I know it all takes time, like a river running dry when the
G Am C G Am C G Amsun's to bright.
Chorus: So long this is good bye may we meet again in another life.
C G Am C G Am Verse 2: Like strangers passing bye, may we see clearly in a different life. Keep
C G Am C Gdodging lights, like a thief in the night. The sun will rise and expose all
Am Am C G Am Gthe lies. so why deny that you and I lead different lives. The rivers from
Am G Ameyes can'change my mind.
Chorus Outro- Am,C,G,Am,Am,C,G,Am
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