10 Years – Shoot It Out tab ver. 4

All right, I just got this from watching them play live online and listening to it.  I'm 
90% sure this is right, especially the chorus.  I was dropped down and tuned in B for 
i don't know if it's lower or higher.

"Shoot it shoot it out cause they want it want it now now..."

|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------| x4|-7-(Keeping strumming this)----3-3-||-5-(You'll have to listen )----1-1-||-----------------------------------|
Pre-chorus "I'm ready to die..."
|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------| x2|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-1-3-1-3-1-0--0-1-3-1-0------------|
Chorus "Will you kill what's left of me..."
so it does these four chords and then does the prechorus 2 times. then the four chords and then the prechorus 2 times. Verse Prechorus Chorus Bridge "feeding the wolves..." During this they just play one chord and the other guitar does a harmony. And then it back into the Prechorus Riff while the other guitar solos right before the last chorus. one chord in the Bridge is:
You'll have to listen to the song here. They strum this "1" chord then stop, and then strumming it more steadily in a PALM MUTE. Chorus Prechorus for the outro x4 * on the 4th prechorus riff at the end they start hitting the "1" chord from the bridge, listen and you'll get it. It then rings out on that chord. That's all it is :D
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