10 Years – Fix Me chords

Left handed
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Standard Tuning

Just listen to the song for the timing.
For verse - Down Up Up Down Up Up Down Up (switch chord)
For Chorus - Down Down Up Up Up Down Up (switch)

Very nice and catchy song. hope you'll enjoy. For the one I love for more than 5 
years now, but she didnt know it.

Verse I
C GIt's taken a lifetime to loose my way
Am FA lifetime of yesterdays
C GAll the wasted time on my hands
AmTurns to sand
F CAnd fades in the wind
GCrossing lines
AmSmall Crimes
F GTaking back what is mine
Chorus (x2)
CI'm fine in the fire
GI feed on the friction
AmI'm right where i should be
FDon't try and fix me
Verse II Same as Verse I So lost for so long To find my way I failed to follow I'm out of place Crossing lines Small crimes Taking back what is mine Chorus (x2) Bridge
G C Am FIsolation, Hesitation, Separation, Revelation
Chorus-outro (x3)
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