10000 Maniacs – My Sister Rose tab

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From: mpanti1@umbc.edu (Pantiuk Michael)

This is what I have so far for My sister Rose, by 10,000 maniacs....

some of it may be wrong, I'm not sure, please post corrections, and I need
help with the chorus, as I cannot seem to figure it out... but I'll keep 
working on it.

"My sister Rose"

10,000 Maniacs 


B-------------------7-------- ---7--7---------7--7----------7--7-----G----5--5--5--7--9-----9--7-- X2 ---------7-------------9------------7--
B ----------------------------------------------------G ---5--7--9------------------------------------------
The rest goes(lyrics stripped): G,D,C,G G,D,C,G D,G D,C C,D,C,D,G
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