10cc - Hot To Trot tab

This is a nice, little tune from 10cc which also is great fun to play.

Standard tuning

Riffs used:

F#m xx4222
B   x24442
A   x02220
E   022100
C#  x46664

Intro lick (Harmony) :

1 Verse : F#m B A B E She had a shake like a belly dancer, and a body like a tiger tiger F#m E A B C# Uh,huh Uh,huh She was looking at me. F#m B A B E Now you know that i ain't no dancer, but there's gotta be a way to meet her F#m E F#m So I just walked up to her and said, are you hot to trot? Lick 1 (Harmony) :
Lick 2 (Harmony) :
Back to intro lick x2 Verse 2 and 3 are played just the same as verse 1 : Verse 2: Well I know I was looking cool, pretty sharp like a razor razor Uh,huh Uh,Huh She was smiling at me So I said if you got the notion, we could take a little trip to the ocean She said that'll be OK Cause I'm hot to trot. Lick 1 x2 Lick 2 x2 Back to intro lick x2 Verse 3: We were having a ball by the water, talking about life and philosophizing Uh,huh Uh,huh She was really talking to me She said I can't understand why you got to hustle Struttin' and posin' and flexin' muscle So I said, well that's easy baby I'm hot to trot Lick 1 x2 Then :
For the outro the riff |---------| is played over the chord F |--13-----| |--13-----| |-----15--| |---------| |---------|
That's it, hope you'll enjoy it! If any comments mail me at morten_tjensen@hotmail.com
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