10cc - Dreadlock Holiday tab

HI all, hope you like this tab! Good song and fun to play along to!

Standard Tuning
The whole song is played with focus on the higher strings-I think the actual song when 
with a band is the guitars only play the 3 highest strings (G B and e) and the bass does 
low notes. But if you only have a guitar do it this tab's way. it's fun and sounds great!

VERSE: Only two chords for the verses. Pretty much palm mute the top two stringse|-------10-----------------8---------------------------------------------------|B|-------11-----------------8---------------------------------------------------|G|-------10-----------------8---------------------------------------------------|D|-------12-----------------8---------------------------------------------------|A|-------10----------------10---------------------------------------------------|E|--------x-----------------8---------------------------------------------------|The rhythm for the verse can pretty much be improvised, that's why it's fun to play. listen to the song to get the chord changes and rock out your rhythm.
Chorus: Basically a few chords that go down then back up again. Once again you can the rhythm can be improvised, just look for chord changes in the song.e|--10----8---6---5---3---5---6---8--------------------------------------------|B|--11---10---8---6---4---6---8--10--------------------------------------------|G|--10---10---8---7---5---7---8--10--------------------------------------------|D|--12---10---8---7---5---7---8--10--------------------------------------------|A|--10----8---6---5---3---5---6---8--------------------------------------------|E|---x----x---x---x---x---x---x---x--------------------------------------------|
Thanks Again!
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