12 Stones - Speak Your Mind tab

tabbed by: JB
song: Speak your mind
Artist:12 stones
Album: Potter's Field
Tuning: Drop C
   intro/ verse
|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||------------------------------------12-11||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-0-xx-x-||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-0-10-9-||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-0------| Palm mute this when playing verse
|------------------------------------| |------------------------------------||----------------------------------12||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-xx||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-10||0-0-9-10-0-10-12-0-9-10-0-10-12-0---|
Chorus (rhythm patterns not shown)|-------------||-------------||-------------||0--5--5--3--5||0--3--5--1--3||0-----5------|
thats just bout it.....ill try to tab the solo l8ter. if you have any comments e-mail me at jb_sro7@yahoo.com
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