13th Floor Elevators - I Had To Tell You chords

C GChaos all around me,
C GWith it's finger clinging,
C GBut I can hear you singing,
C D GIn the corners of my brain.
C GEvery doubt has found me.
C GEvery sound of grows drier.
C GEverything is quiet.
C D GBut the song that keeps me sane.
D FI can hear your voice,
C GEchoe in my voice softly.
D FI can feel your strength,
C DReinforcing mine.
G DIf you fear I'll lose my spirit,
G CLike a drunkard's wasted wine,
G D CDon't you even think about it,
G D C DI'm feelin' fine.
-Instrumental part with same chord as verse- I can hear your voice, Echoe in my voice softly. I can feel your strength, Reinforcing mine. If you fear I'll lose my spirits, Like a drunkard's wasted wine, Don't you even think about it, I'm feelin' fine... pescado.rabioso@hotmail.com
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