13th Floor Elevators - Reverberation chords


Intro: (X2)

Am e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|-----------5b-----------7/9---7/5--------|D|------5h7-------5h7------------------7---|A|-7/0-----0----0-----0-0-----0------0-----|E|-----------------------------------------|
Am GYou finally find your helpless mind,
Am Cis trapped inside your skin.
Am GYou want to leave, but you believe
Am Cyou won't get back again.
Am C D CYou only know, you have to go but still you can't get out.
Am C D AmYou try and try, you die and die. You're stopped by your own doubt.
Intro X2
Am GYou find no peace, it doesn't cease,
Am Cit's deadly irritation.
Am GIt keeps you blind, it's there behind,
Am Cyour every hesitation.
Am C D CIt holds your thought, your mind is caught, your fixed with fascination.
Am C D AmYou think you'll die, within the lie, it's backward elevation!
Intro X2
Am D You see reverberation,
Am Dis your latest incarnation,
Am D You think it's a sensation,
G E7 Am Intro X2but it's just reverberation.
Am GYou start to swerve, the downward curve,
Am Cthat catches up your fears.
Am GEach thing you do, comes home to you,
Am Cand pounds inside your ears.
Am C D CYour start to fight against the night, that screams inside your mind.
An C D AmWhen something black it answers back, and grabs you from behind!
echoing through your brain. Reverberation, driving your mind insane. Reverberation, causing your blood to drain,
Am G X4 leaving just charred remains. (End)
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