16 Volt - Happy Pill tab

Artist: 16 Volt

Song:   Happy Pill

Tabbed by: Sara Howell aka digital_n1ghtmar3 (digital_nightmare@stonerrock.net)

Guitar Tab (G)

Lower C,G,C,F,A,d tuning... very low ;-)

Heard this song on the Primal PS2 game and liked it instantly. Here it is.

       x= muted string/ harmonic (gives you that nice scratchy sound, just rest a finger 
the string and strum. It may take a lil practice to get it down... but its worth it)

        /= slide (slide from one fret to another)

        #= hammer on (after playing a note, rapidly pushing down on another fret without 
again. Used for fast paced songs)

        (= pull off (while holding down on a fret bend the string in one direction and 
go. Lets you play an open after a fret quickly and with a nice sound. Also good for fast 

        ^= bend (bend the string back and forth to get a wah wah effect without a pedal.)

You won't need most of these for this song but they're handy to know and good for your technique.

main riffd-------|A-------|F-------|C-------|G--6-0--| X 8C--6-0--|
chorus:d----------------------------------|A----------------------------------|F----------------------------------|C----------------------------------|G--6-0-xx-x1-xx-x6-xx-x-10-10-6-4--|C--6-0-xx-x1-xx-x6-xx-x-10-10-6-4--| X 4
mr X 8 chrous X 4
bridge:d----------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------|F----------------------------------------------|C----------------------------------------------|G-0-10-12-0-10-12-0-10-12-0-10-12-6-6-6-4------|C-0-10-12-0-10-12-0-10-12-0-10-12-6-6-6-4 X 4-|
the riffs after the chorus go in order like this
d-------------|A-------------|F-------------|C-------------|G-------------|C-0-xx--- X 2-|
then play chorus below, then the above and chorus again (if you listen to the song get what I mean)
d|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|F|------------------------------------------------|C|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|C|-0-xx-x-1-xx-x-6-xx-x-10-10-6-4-0---------------| X 1
then the bridge X 10 Outro:
d--------------------------|A--------------------------|F--------------------------|C--------------------------| X 2G--------------------------|C--0--10-12--0-10----------|
d--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|F--------------------------------------------|C-------------------------- and fade on (10-|G--------------------------------------------|C--0--10-12--0--(10)-------------------------|
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