3 Doors Down – These Days chords

Capo on 1
Standard tuning

I made this for people who can't be bothered to tune to drop C =P
Work out the strumming for yourself, it's always more accurate doing it naturaly


E|-0--0--3--2-| B|-1--0--3--3-| G|-0--0--0--2-| D|-2--2--0--0-| A|-3--2--2----| E|----0--3----| x2
C Em G D Verse
E|--0--3--2--0-|B|--0--3--3--1-|G|--0--0--2--0-|D|--2--0--0--2-|A|--2--2-----3-|E|--0--3-------| x4
Em G D C Pre Chorus
E|-0--2--0--0-| B|-1--3--0--0-| G|-0--2--0--0-| D|-2--0--2--2-| A|-3-----2--2-| E|-------0--0-| x2
C D Em Em Chorus
E|-0--0--3--2-|B|-1--0--3--3-|G|-0--0--0--2-|D|-2--2--0--0-|A|-3--2--2----|E|----0--3----| x2
C Em G D Verse x4 Pre chorus x2 Chorus x10 I might add the lead in later
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