3 Doors Down – Sarah Yelling tab

I couldnt find this song anywhere on the net, so
I decided to tab it myself. This is my very first
tab so please go easy on the comments. Il keep 
workin on this song cus this is one of my personal
favorites. Thanks, enjoy! 

comments go to flipsk8ter20@hotmail.com

standard tuning

* = slide between the chords but still hit the strings
\ = slide
x = chuck it
() = play first time threw the verse only than skip it

note this whole song is distorted im sure you knew that :-)

intro - im pretty sure about this, listen to the song for rythm
might not be totally correct though

E|----------------------B|----------------------G|----------------------D|----------------------A|--xxx--4 3 4--10--9--7 E|--xxx--2 1 2---8--7--5
Next just play the same thing as above except hit it a lil harder
E|--------------------------------------------------------------B|--------------------------------------------------------------G|--------------------------------------------------------------D|--------------------------------------------------------------A|--xxx--4-3-4---10*9*7-xxx--4 3 4--10*9*7-xxx-4-3-4--10*9*7-xxxE|--xxx--2-1-2----8*7*5-xxx--2-1-2---8*7*5-xxx-2-1-2---8*7*5-xxx
E|----------------------B|----------------------G|----------------------D|----------------------A|---xxx--4-3-4---10*9*7 E|---xxx--2-1-2----8*7*5
verse: I think this is right, they are probably bending the strings or using a trem bar but it sounds fine playing it plain without any effects
4xE|-------------------------------------B|-------------------------------------G|-------------------------------------D|-------------------------------------A|--4-xxx-4-xxx-4-xxx----11-11*9-9*12*9 E|--2-xxx-2-xxx-2-xxx-----9--9*7-7*10*7
chorus: im pretty sure about this
4xE|---------------B|---------------G|---------------D|---------------A|-7-x-3-x-4-xxxx E|-5-x-1-x-2-xxxx
filler play the verse line twice but emphasize the bending a lil more verse: just play the verse again 4x chorus: play the chorus again i dont know what he is doin on the soft muffed out part il try gettin that soon solo- well sort of a solo, im not to sure of this just keep strummin these two chords i cant tell you how many times each
now just play the intro and the second part of the chorus and your done!
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