3 Doors Down - Believer chords

These chords is for the intro,verse and chorus.
They may not be 100% right. I have figured them out by ear, and it's the first time.

Standard Tuning: EADGBE


Am F C Em x2

[Verse 1]
Am F C EmI would have been in doubt when this just started out that everything would turn out this way
Am F C EmAt first it was a phone call, then it was another from a mother who was ready to play
Am Em AmAnd she said things that no one ever told me before
Em Dsus2But how could I have known that you wanted to settle a score
Am F C EmThen a man came in, I can finally see it and it looks like you're having fun
Am F C EmBut when I get back you're gonna be bleeding so I think son you better run
Am F C EmAnd now I think I should be leaving cuz it looks like Iíve had enough
Am F C EmAnd she was a deceiver but I had to believe her when she told me she was in love
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