3 Feet Smaller - Adorable tab

			     Adorable - Alone & Acoustic 
                        (by Marcus Smaller from 3 Feet Smaller)
Tabbed by: madoxx
Email: chris_3617@gmx.net

I tabbed it by ear together with Theresa (thx ^^) 
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Tuning: Standard (Hallelujah ;) )

Chords Used:

e|--3------3------3----------------------------------------------|B|--3------3------3----------------------------------------------|G|--0------0------2----------------------------------------------|D|--0------0------0----------------------------------------------|A|--2------2------0----------------------------------------------|E|--2------3------2----------------------------------------------| Em G D/F#
Verse Em G D/F# Em Stroke over my face G and then take me some place D/F# Em whatever you say I obey. ... Pre-Chorus G Em D/F You're more than just adorable Chorus Em G D/F Em Em G When the rain sets in D/F Em and runs down the drain G D/F then I start wondering Em If you're crying or is it just raining?, just raining. Then pick the first 3 strings of Em in Arpeggio style ;) Verse the same Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge Em G x2 D/F Em Em The sound of your heart G the sound of your pain make me Em the sound of your heart G the sound of your pain D/F Em make me crawl away from here Em Hold me G Gently Chorus x2 Em Just raining x3 Pre-Chorus End. Alone & Acoustic's official website: http://www.myspace.com/aloneandacoustic
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