3 Feet Smaller - One Time Young chords

Old song but still one of my favorites, enjoy! :) Feedback is welcome

One Time Young  3 Feet Smaller 

AI don't give a shit about
DIf it's right or not allowed
F#mLiving at the same way like you
DMakes me proud
AI'm the black sheep of the family
DThe maverick of the football team
F#mI'm greateful for what I am
DAnd what I will be
A F#mAnd I'm learnin', I'm workin'
D EWhenever I think it's about time
A F#mAnd you call me silly
D EJust because I live in my own paradise
A E DCause this is my live as I want it to be
A E DGot everything I need
x2 [Verse]
A You think you can tell mean and mean
DCause you know how life's got to be
F#mHave you ever heard the flaming
DIn the family
AEducation might be good
DBut that's no reason why I should
F#mWaste my time with learning
DOr with reading books
A F#mYou try to ... get me into
D EThe four year right direction
A F#mBut I got to ... say no
D E Cause I'm only one time young
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