30 Seconds To Mars - Search And Destroy chords

Search & Destroy by 30 Seconds To Mars
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EmGrab your gun
G Time to go to hell
C I'm no hero
AmGuilty as charged
EmSearch and destroy
EmFound my faith
GLiving in sin
C AmI'm no Jesus but neither are you my friend
EmI'm a whore
GA birth of broken dreams
C AmThis simple answer is never what it seems
G CA million little pieces we’ve broken into
Em CA million little pieces I've stolen from you
Em G C Search and destroy
Em G C DSearch and destroy
EmSold my soul
GTo heaven and to hell
C AmSick as my secrets but never gonna tell
EmLock the blame
GBurden of my dreams
CA curse of faith and blessing
AmI believe
GI believe
COh I believe
Em CI believe
EmLet go
C Let go
EmLet me go
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