30 Seconds To Mars - City Of Angels chords

Chords by Lady Margoth
(I'm not completely sure of the lyrics)

30 Seconds to Mars - City of Angels

There was truth A There was consequence, against you
BmA weak defense, then there's me
GI'm 17, and looking for a fight
DAll my life
AI was never there just a ghost
Running scared
Bm GHere our dreams are made, the one
D ALost in the city of angels
BmDown in the comfort of strangers
G D AI found myself in the fire burnt hills
Bm GIn the land of a billion lights
Bought my fate, straight from hell A second sight is paid off well For a mother, a brother and me The silver of the lake at night The hills of Hollywood on fire A boulevard of hope and dreams And streets made of desire
A GAngels
D A Bm GI am home, home, home, home
DOne life
AOne love
BmOne life
GOne love
A G The city of angels
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