311 – Outside tab

Performed by 311
From the album "National Lampoons' Senior Trip" on Capricorn Records
Music by:  ??? (N. Hexum, C. Sexton & T. Mahoney)
Lyrics by:  ??? (N. Hexum & D. Martinez)
(c) 1995 Allegiance Music/Hydroponic Music BMI
Tabbed by: Greg Parr (gparr@tiger.lsuiss.ocs.lsu.edu)
Lyric help by: Loring Scott (sloring@alpha1.doane.edu)
               Adam Wood (adam311@hotmail.com)
               Robb0311 (Robb0311@aol.com)
               Brandon Borgman (jborgman2@home.com)
The 311 Guitar Archive -- http://bigworm.colorado.edu/311archive/

Main Riff:==========Alternate between these two chords: Em G71:-7--------10-|2:-8--------12-|3:-9--------10-|4:-9--------12-|5:-7--------10-|6:-------------|
Fill 1:=======Play this fill at various times during the song: N.C.1:-13-13-12-10-------------|2:-------------13-12-10----|3:----------------------12-|4:-------------------------|5:-------------------------|6:-------------------------|
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