311 – I Like The Way tab

311 - "I Like The Way"
Outtake from "Uplifter" Album sessions
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: jjhand

I tabbed this with some help from their youtube concert footage. 
It should be accurate, so please rate & comment. Thanks!

Tim's Main Chord Rhythm (throughout)- 

e|-8-8----8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8--8-|<- mute single notesB|---10------10-------10-------10-10-10---------|G|---8-------8--------8--------8--8--8----------|D|---10------10-------10-------10-10-10---------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------| F7
Nick's Intro - with lower octave pedal & fuzz effects (it sounds like old school video game music)
For Verse - Repeat Tim's Main Rhythm, Nick adds a random slide towards the end Lyrics: "I like the way you keep it from me, woah I like the way you move in front of me, yeah Just enough contact to make me come back So many other girls just make my mind slack And I like the way you give it to me, yeah You're in front, I'm behind Walking down a corridor The way you're moving yourself That makes me want you more I like the way you keep it from me, yeah"
Chorus - Both Guitars play 2xe|----------------------|----------------------------|B|----------------------|----------------------------|G|----------------------|----------------------------|D|----------------------|----------------------------|A|----------------------|----------15--13p12-13p12---|E|-13\1------13\1-------|-13\1--------------------13-|
"Baby, are we ready Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" "Can we rock steady Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
play 2x to end Chorus, same lyrics as last linee|-------------------------|----------------------------|B|-------------------------|----------------------------|G|-------------------------|----------------------------|D|-------------------------|----------------------------|A|-------------------------|----------15--13p12-13p12---|E|-13\-1-1---1-13\-1-1---1-|-13\1--------------------13-| PMPM PM PMPM PM
VERSE 2: Play verse again but Nick adds a few notes:
play 4xe|------------------------|----------------------------|B|------------------------|----------------------------|G|------------------------|--------10-10-------8-8-----|D|------------------------|--------------10-10-----8-8-|A|-8-8----6-6---6---6---6-|-8-8------------------------|E|------------------------|----------------------------| use slight mutes throughout
Lyrics: "I like the way you keep it from me, woah I like the way you move in front of me, yeah Just enough contact to make me come back So many other girls just make my mind slack And I like the way you give it to me, yeah Tight jeans and the seams Snake around your body type The way they hug, the way they snug The way they fit you right I like the way you keep it from me, yeah" Play Chorus again
Bridge - follow through to 2nd line belowe|----------------------------------|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------8--------|-------------------------------|G|----10--8-----10--8----------10---|-----10--8-----10--8------8----|D|--10--10----10--10-----10--10--10-|---10--------------------------|A|-8--------------------------------|-8-----8-----8---8------8---8--|E|----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
1. "Our rods and cones have a mind of their own They keep on staring at you and want to get you alone" 2. "I get a head full of bee's when you're in the vicinity I cannot stop but thinking 'bout infinity"
line 2:e|----x--x--x--------------|-x--x--x----x----x--x----|B|----x--x--x--------------|-x--x--x----x----x--x----|G|----x--x--x--7h8-8-8p7---|-x--x--x----x----x--x----|D|-------------7---7-7-----|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|---listen for pattern----|E|-------------------------|-------------------------|
1. "You got that sun dress mess yes that's the best With the flower two piece underneath so fresh" 2. "I get a thrill, you kill me with vernaculars Speak your mind at fine in kind is spectacular" Bridge 2 (2:47)
Pt. 1, played 4x Pt 2, played 4xe|------------------| |------------------|B|------------------| |------------------|G|-7-------7-----7--| |---------5-5------|D|-5-------5-----5--| |-------------7-7--|A|------------------| |-5-5-8-8----------|E|------------------| |------------------|"I asked her if she would come away with me "Now you know"She said are you crazy I said I must be" "Now we both know"
Pt. 3, play 2x (2:58)e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|-----------3-5-------------3-5-|A|-3-3-6-3-6-----3---3-6-3-6-----|E|-------------------------------|
"I guess you're right we should just move it slow I was hooked on a feeling You were so right to
Pt. 4, play 2x (3:03)e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|------------0--2---0---------|D|-----0---3-------------3---0-|A|-1---------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
"put on the brakes. That's how I know you got what it takes, uh!" Play Verse Riff 4x Play Chorus to end song KEY | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | x Mute note
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