311 - All Mixed Up tab

   All Mixed Up
  By 311

    Intro, Verse

e--4--5--X-6-X-6-X-X-6-X-X-6-6-X-X- B--6--6--X-6-X-6-X-X-9-X-X-9-6-X-X- G--5--5----7---7------------------- D--6--7---------------------------- A---------------------------------- E----------------------------------
Heavy Verse, Chorus, Outro
e--------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------- G--------------------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------------------- A--1-1----------------------1-1--------------------- E-------0/1-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-----0/1-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-
e--X-6-X-6-6-X-X-X-6-X-X-X-6-X-6-6-X-X-6-X-X- B--X-6-X-6-6-X-X-X-6-X-X-X-6-X-6-6-X-X-6-X-X- You don't have to play G--------7-7-------7-------------7-----7----- this part exactly as I D-------------------------------------------- have it written out; just A-------------------------------------------- get the feel when you play it. E--------------------------------------------
Other part on bridge (You make me nervous...)
e--6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4- B--6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4-6--6-4--4- G--7--7-5--5-7--7-5--5-7--7-5--5-7--7-5--5- D------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------
End on the Bb note on the 1st fret of the A string. If you want to know how to play this song don't use the other version of the song on this website. I checked it out and it's wrong. Later.
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