311 - Freeze Time tab

"Freeze Time"
"Sound System"
Number 1 On The Album

Hey Every One. I Just Read The Tabe Of Freeze Time On Here , But The Intro
Sounds Better This Way. The Rest Of The Other Version Is Better. Hope You Enjoy,
Peace , Unity , And Much Love.  AnThOnY C

[Palm Muted] [4X]e:---------------------------------------------------------------b:---------------------------------------------------------------g:---------------------------------------------------------------d:---------------------------------------------------------------a:-----5-4----4--------------------------------------------------E:--2-------5-----5-4-5------------------------------------------
Then Go Into . . .
[Palm Mute or Just Play]e:---------------------------------------------------------------b:---------------------------------------------------------------g:---------------------------------------------------------------d:---------------------------------------------------------------a:--4--5--4--7--4--7--6--7---------------------------------------E:--2--5--4--5--4--5--4--5---------------------------------------
That's It. This Version Sounds Better I Think , But It's all Good. You Are Now In Three Eleven Heaven :) Peace. AnThOnY
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