311 – Welcome tab

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From: Blowfish 

				Welcome (311)
		    Not very transcribed by Jeff Terrel

Riff 1 Riff 2 Fill 1 E-|-----------------------|-----------------||-------------------||-----------|B-|-----------------------|-----------------||-------------------||1-1--------|G-|-----------------------|----------------.||.-----------------.||---0-0-----|D-|-----------------------|----------------.||.-----------------.||------2-2--|A-|-----3-----------------|-----3-----------||---------3-------3-||---------22|E-|-3-5---0-3-5-0-3-5-0-3-|-3-5---0-3-5-3-3-||-3-5-3-5---3-5-5---||-----------|
Fill 2 E-|---------------------------|B-|---------------------------|G-|---------------------------|D-|---------------------------|A-|-----------2-0-------------|E-|-3-5-3-5-3-----3-5-0-0-3-0-|
This starts out clean with a reggae feel, basically Am G back and forth, then pops in with distortion G F Then repeat riff 1, every other time ending with F E instead of the two 3's then play riff 2 once, fill 1, and then the first half of riff 2. At [1:50] it goes into E G F# a few times then fill 2 At the end it goes back into the reggae part. NOTE and DISCLAIMER: I spent little time on Fill 1, which I believe is two guitars or something. SO, I know it is wrong/not complete, and is just something to hold for now.
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