31knots – Without Wine tab

31Knots - Without Wine
It Was High Time To Escape (2003)

I discovered 31knots pretty randomly, and as I delved into their catalog (it's all
free on Ruckus!), I was very happy to discover some amazing songwriters doing very original
 I'd eventually like to play a lot of their music, so I figure I'll get the ball rolling 
one of the simplest songs I could find.  and it's very simple; it also stands out
their work as their sweetest song.  Enjoy.

Tuning Standard, 4/4, Em
I haven't included bar lines and articulations because they're easy, just listen to the song.

Intro, Verse, Chorus, Outro 1 2 3+4 1 2 3+4..|---------|-----------||---------|-----------||---2---0-|---2---0---||------4--|------4----| etc..|---------|-----------||-0---3---|-0---3-----|
Pre-chorus|---------|--------|----------------| |---||---------|--------|----------------| |---||-0-------|0-------|0---------------| The repeated |-5-||-2-------|2-------|4---------------| chord at the end |-4-||-3-------|4-------|5---------------| of the pre- |-5-||---------|--------|----------------| chorus is just-- |---|
There are a few flourishes:
Right after the end of the second Pre-chorus:|-----------|-----------||-----------|-----------||---------0-|---2---0---||--------4--|------4----||-----------|-----------||-0-12/-3---|-0---3-----|
and the piano fills: % 1.....% 2.......|----------|--------|--7-----||----------|----7-8-|----87--||----------|--79----|------9-||----------|-9------|-9------||-10---9---|--------|--------||--7--10---|--------|--------|
The bass generally follows the lowest note played on the guitar. Lyrics We went without wine For we had no more gold Woe are we for trying To pretend we ever said no And the template of acceptance Standing on the message For those of us wanting access We must reconfigure the upkeep Whether fraud, fake, or the real thing Depends how high the siren sings 1:06 Everything about this hour Led us to believe that we were safe It read like a book with us in control Come to find out we have no will at all This is where we've landed Marooned between two actions Our movements all disjointed And our passiveness is out of practice But soon the brain will conjure up A way to make it appear As if we hold higher standards Than the ones to which we adhere 2:23 We went without wine For we had no more gold For we had no more gold http://www.31knots.com/
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