3blindmice And Casey Hurt - If These Arms Could Hold You chords


EIf these arms could hold you
E7If these arms could enfold you
A7 B7I would never, I would never let you go, oh no
EI know you want me
E7I know you do
A7 B7And I can see it in your eyes, each and every time we notice each other across a crowded room
EI want you
E7I want you too
A7 B7If there was ever any doubt in me holding out for anyone other than you
EI know you
E7From so long ago
A7 B7And I am doing my best to not be like the rest, I just can't let my feelings show
Bm EIf if lend you my heart
A AWill you be there to lend me your hand
Bm BmI've got to know for sure
E EIf I can hold you anymore
Bm EWill you still love me
A AWill you still love me
Bm EWill you still love me
A B7Will you still love me
EI want you
E7I want you to want me too
A7And even if we can't embrace
B7Well I know there's a place where two unfortunate rakes can escape
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